First aid Training

Where more than 10 employees are employed at a workplace, the employer needs to appoint a first aider. This is a compulsory legal appointment and the first aider should be readily available during normal working hours.

First aid Training Level 1

Level one is a very popular course as it introduces people into Emergency Care and is usually the minimum requirement to be met by companies when being inspected by the various governing bodies.

Duration :                           2 Days course

Entry requirement:           none

Certificates is valid for three years

First aid Training Level 2

Level two goes into more detail e.g.; Treatment of Pediatric Patients.

Duration :                           3 Days course

Entry requirement:  Level 1 Certificate

Certificates is valid for three years

First aid Training Level 3

This is the most advanced first aid qualification that can be achieved. Ultimate Fire recommends that all supervisors in working for large companies get trained for Level Three. This will insure a very high standard of patient care and help reduce further injury at the place of employment.

Duration :                           5 Days course

Entry requirement:     Level 2 Certificate

Certificates is valid for three years


Basic Fire Fighting Training

Fire safety is an important topic that you must discuss within your family and community. As a community, you can organize your response to fires and help the individuals affected. Firefighters are also willing to help you create these safety plans

Basic Fire Fighting Training 

This Basic Fire Fighting is about learning the fundamentals of how fires act, and how one should react. Your staff will be prepared to manage and extinguish workplace

Duration :                           1 Day course

Entry requirement:          None

Certificates is valid for one years


Health & Safety Training

All persons required to work on a construction site. There is no entry requirement for this course. A range of skills are recommended in reading and speaking that would enable an individual to read and interpret signs and procedures and communicate clearly with a range of individuals as part of a team.

Health & Safety Induction  

New staff are more at risk of injuring themselves than existing staff. Learn how an induction program for new staff can keep them safe

Duration :                           4 Hours course

Entry requirement:          None

Certificates is valid for one years

Health & Safety Rep   

Health and safety training. Professional safety representatives training programs designed to meet your individual needs

Duration :                           1 Day course

Entry requirement:          None

Certificates is valid for one years