Where more than 10 employees are employed at a workplace, the employer needs to appoint a first aider. This is a compulsory legal appointment and the first aider should be readily available during normal working hours.

This is the most advanced first aid qualification that can be achieved. Ultimate Fire recommends that all supervisors in working for large companies get trained for Level Three. This will insure a very high standard of patient care and help reduce further injury at the place of employment.

Course content:

Contents are the same as level 2 accepts a few additional chapters

Emergency child birth

Behavioral emergencies

Special patients and oxygen therapy

Principles of Emergency Care and Safety.

Emergency scene management.

Artificial Respiration and Two rescuer C.P.R.

Child & Infant C.P.R.

Choking, Wounds &Bleeding.

Shock, unconsciousness & Fainting.

Fractures ,Burns, Spinal & Head injuries

Joint injuries (Sport injuries)

Chest & eye injuries.

Multiple injury management

Abdominal Pelvic injuries.

Environmental illnesses & injuries

Poisoning, Bites & Stings

Chest pain, Diabetes, epilepsy & Convulsions.

Drowning and diving accidents.

Elementary and applied anatomy & physiology.

Rescue carriers.

Emergency Equipment.

Legal implications & Ethics related to emergency care evaluation.

Duration :                           5 Days course

Entry requirement:          Valid Level 2 Certificate

Certificates is valid for three years


The candidate is evaluated during the duration of the course. There is a written, oral and practical examination. The pass mark for each is 50%.An overall average of 60% must be obtained to successfully complete the course.

A compulsory C.P.R is required.